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Carolyn Pankalla has been traveling around the world performing in front of thousands of people since she was nine years old, taking her message of hope and sharing her story of tragedy to triumph.

Carolyn knows pain. She lost her mother when she was six in a car accident that almost took her life, then later lost her father at 13 in a house fire. But having a strong family and  stronger faith she didn’t give up, and her and her family pressed on to do outreach all over the world, reaching millions with the message of hope. Carolyn says "One of the keys to winning is getting back up one more time than you’ve been knocked down.“ 

  • Her song, 'Veterans of the USA' went number one on the CMT Video Awards

  • She has sang at the White House twice to perform for president Ronald Reagan 

  • She has sang for mother Teresa and helped her at her charity of “destitute and dying “in Calcutta India

  • She is currently co-hosting a show called “Current” that airs in 28 million homes 

  • Carolyn is married to Sean Pankalla who owns several businesses including two Flippers Pizzerias in The Villages Florida, and an Arborist & Lawn company called Pankalla Tree Experts, LLC

  • Carolyn has three children: Preston who is 17, Olivia who is 13, and Alexis who is 10.


Broken Into Beautiful

Broken Into Beautiful is a record full of deep, yet radio friendly songs of the human experience. Though this is seemingly an oxymoron in this day of throw away hits, Carolyn pulls it off with great ease. In the end the catchy singable melodies on Broken Into Beautiful are nourishing to the soul.

Broken Into Beautiful - Carolyn Pankalla
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